Yoga  is a magical thing which brings so much joy – it makes you strong and supple and comfortable in your body, it brings solace and calm when things are hard and fun and beauty when things are bright, and brings you in touch with a community of kind, warm, and inspiring people.

I teach yoga to share some of this magic, so that my friends and students can find their own joy, their own space, their own deeper understanding of themselves.

My classes have great attention to detail, beautiful flowing sequences, using all of our senses and our powers to explore the body and mind. By bringing the focus within we find greater control over our anatomy and subtle bodies.

My own practice combines traditional Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga with Hatha yoga and other vinyasa styles. I also practise zen meditation and pranayama, and am deeply inspired by my ongoing study of the ancient philosophical texts of yoga.

I hold a 200+ hour certificate in Hatha Raja Yoga from CYS Scotland (Classical Yoga School Yoga Alliance registered)
and I have also completed Yoga for Kids teacher training with Yoga and Kids (Yoga Alliance International registered)