GSA Yoga - class library

Below you will find a library of online classes conducted with GSA Yoga Society during the Covid19 lockdown, together with their accompanying playlists.

These are provided as part of your GSA Yoga membership to enjoy at your leisure! However I have been asked how you can make a donation for these classes – if you would like to do so, you can use the button below. Thank you so much and Om Shanti to you!

1st April – Furrows in Fields
Class focus – spring, side body.
Irrigating the fields of the body with the breath, cultivating endurance.
Twists, side planks, wide legged folds, utthita hasta padangustasana, gomukhasana

29th April – Cooped up in Springtime aka Shake it Off
Class focus – making space in tight corners, shaking off frustration and stagnation. Opening up the side body and the lungs, refreshing twists and hip and hamstring opening. And everyone’s favourite trick – neuralgic tremor aka SHAKE IT OFF! ah!

6th May – Flower Moon flow
On the May full moon, a lunar flow based around Chandra Namaskar.
Moving in cycles and circles around the mat, just like the cycles of nature – things might look static but everything is constantly in movement.

13th May – Shiva Nataraj
Inspired by the archetype of Shiva Nataraj, dancing in the centre of the ring of fire – we seek to find stillness in the centre of the madness of the world as it spins around us.
Opening up shoulders and thoracic spine, as well as hip flexors and the whole anterior chain, we work towards the full expression of Natarajasana, Dancer’s Pose.

20th May – heart opening Maitri practice
This class focuses on opening up the heart in both the physical and emotional space. In the middle of National Mental Health Awareness week, we focus on kindness as understood in the yoga tradition as Maitri – Loving Kindness. This is where compassion begins.
Find how softening through our intention can even make spaciousness in the physical body.
Backbends and heart openers leading up to urdhva dhanurasana, upward facing-bow (also known as full Wheel pose)