Sun Salutation C

Almost every yoga class has some variation on the sun salutation, and for very good reason. It’s not just a ‘warm up’ – although it does raise your heart rate and through the spinal flexion and extension builds heat throughout the body. 
Sun salutations contain so many of the foundational movements that come throughout the yoga practice – strengthening the shoulders, opening the pelvis, stretching the legs, working the core, opening the chest, building the foundation of the hands and feet..
Not only that, the sun salutations teach us to link breath to movement – inhale look up, exhale fold, inhale extend, exhale step back… When we are so connected to our breathing our bodies and minds come into sync, and you might notice thoughts don’t pop into your head quite so much!
And of course, this sequence is after all a salutation – the sun is the source of all life on earth, so this is quite a nice way to say, hey sunshine, cheers for that! 

If you were to do just one yoga thing, this would be it – and you can do just this every day, as many times as you like. Of course it does also get you going and focused, ready to launch into a whole yoga practice of your own.

This video takes you through Surya Namaskara C, which has a low lunge variation. I really like this one and also tend to add on extra variations to this, including high lunges, arm variations, side angles..etc!  In the video we go through the salutation on both sides once slowly, and then again at a more flowing pace, connecting with the breath. 

🌞 Happy Saluting! 🌞